a beard comb which makes you wonder why you never bought it in the first place!


My combs are of the highest quality and very hard wearing.

I know of many that are standing the test of time some 3 years later!

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WoodsmanKnowles Handmade Beard Comb
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WoodsmanKnowles Handmade Beard Comb
WoodsmanKnowles Handmade Beard Comb
WoodsmanKnowles Handmade Beard Comb
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Give your Beard the love it deserves……


If you feel you are not sure then please take a look at my Facebook page or Instagram to see what other Beard owners have to say about my Combs.

Or if you like what you see and want to own a quality Beard Comb that is easy on the beard and also looks awesome, then click below to grab yourself one….

Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like something unique created in wood, drop me a message and i will get back to you.

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"I'm a bit of a woodworking geek..."

I’m Ben, a Lancashire lad from sunny Blackpool in the UK. I’m a bit of a woodworking geek with a real passion for the beauty of wood in all its forms. I started making combs for my beard club (Sandgrown Beardsman) back in 2015 for our chairty raffle, since then they have grown popular amongst the bearded community. This is a hobby and my passion and the demand for my combs has really grown. I have also recently been bonified as an official supplier for the iBeard Club and supply several other Beard grooming companies.

I decided to setup a website as its not just beard combs that I apply my woodworking wizardy to! I also make Chopping Boards, Wine Bottle Racks, Wooden Chests and really anything that uses wood as a medium.

So please feel free to get in touch if there is anything that takes your fancy or if you would like making, and I will see if its possible

Regards Ben

p.s. Please feel free to leave a review or if you have any suggestions


wonderfull and a joy to use!

I had been looking for a quality beard comb and like most have a collection of various styles and then I saw Ben’s craftsmanship and believe me when I say the photos don’t do these Knowles Beard combs any justice. I ended buying the normal and long tooth in different finishes as well

I love the fact that as its hard wood and wide toothed, after oiling my mane and then using the comb, it glides effortlessly without pulling on my beard….

 – Paul Mangiagalli

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